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This website is the sole project of Jeanne Oliver.

Jeanne is a seasoned travel writer and beach buff who has been living In France since 1992 and on the French Riviera since 1999. She has written numerous guidebooks to France and other European countries for Lonely Planet, Insight and Frommers travel guides. Click here for more about Jeanne Oliver.

Her articles have appeared in the Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, St Petersburg Times, the Denver Post, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel and the New York Post.

In addition to this website, Jeanne publishes French Riviera Traveller, a comprehensive guide to planning a holiday on the French Riviera. Going to Croatia? Then be sure to check out Jeanne's vast Croatia website, Croatia Traveller.

     French Riviera Traveller, Croatia Traveller and Riviera-Beaches are products of:

          Global Kinesis, Inc.
           Trolley Square, Suite 20C
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