Pampelonne Pampelonne
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Pampelonne Beach
Pampelonne Beach

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Plage des Salins
Plage des Salins

Plage de la Ponche
Plage de la Ponche

The beaches of Saint-Tropez have been legendary ever since Bridget Bardot emerged from the waters of Pampelonne beach in Et Dieu... créa la femme (And God Created Woman) in 1956. The movie launched Saint Tropez as a chic spot for sexy people (or a sexy spot for chic people), a reputation that remains undimmed.
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Remarkably enough, the coast of Saint-Tropez and Ramatuelle has changed little since Bardot's heyday. Unlike any other storied stretch of seafront I can think of, developers have been kept far away from the Bay of Pampelonne.

Pampelonne Plage

Located in neighboring Ramatuelle, Pampelonne is about 5km from the center of Saint-Tropez. Most, but not all, of Pampelonne beach is taken over by private beach-restaurants from early spring to mid-fall, depending on the weather. Off season, the beach is a windswept expanse of sky, sea and sand. When bikini weather arrives, the private beach clubs spread their lounge chairs, mattresses and parasols on the sand. From terrace snacks to elegant dining, lounge bars, beach bars and elaborate relaxation areas each beach club has a carefully designed look and ambiance. Yet, there are public beaches! More. 

Plage des Salins

Resident Tropeziens will whisper that this is their preferred beach. Just north of Plage Pampelonne, Plage des Salins has a  modest beach-restaurant at the southern end and then nothing but sand for about 600 metres. More.

Town Beaches

The main virtue of the town beaches is that some are within walking distance of the town center, eliminating the hassle of getting around Saint-Tropez. The best of the town beaches is the Plage des Canoubiers about 200m long but a good 4km from town. Plage des Graniers is a tiny beach on the other side of the Citadelle. It can be hard to find space in summer. Nearest to the town center is the Plage de la Ponche and the Plage Fontanette which are adjoining coves. At the entrance to the town is the Plage de la Bouillabaisse, a 500m stretch of sand dotted with several private beach clubs. As the beach is lined with buildings, it's not the place to go for a natural experience.


The water quality around St Tropez beaches is consistently excellent. There have never been any problems with cleanliness. Source:

Map of Saint Tropez Beaches

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