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Hotel 3.14 Hotel Belle Plage La Villa Cannes Croisette Hotel Majestic O'Carre Croisette

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Cannes Beach Map


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Beach on Blvd La Croisette
Beach on Blvd La Croisette

Bijou Plage on Port Canto
Bijou Plage on Port Canto


Beach on Blvd de Midi
Midi Beach

Gazagnaire beach
Gazagnaire Beach

3.14 Beach
3.14 Beach


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For those tired of bruising their feet on the galets of Nice beaches there's good news: all Cannes beaches are sandy! Well, not all. Technically the beaches of the Iles de Lerins count as part of the Cannes coastline and those beaches are rocky. The fine, white sand that makes Cannes beaches such a delight is replenished before the season begins in mid-May (in time for the Cannes Film Festival). Often Cannes winters involve substantial erosion of the beach as fierce storms can whip up the otherwise calm bay. See more about Cannes.

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The Cannes coastline runs 15km from the foothills of the Esterel mountains to the eastern city limits and including the Iles de Lerins. About 7.5km of the Cannes coastline is beach. There are 13 public beaches, two muncipal beaches and 33 private beach restaurants.

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Cannes Beach Map

The coastline of Cannes proper can be divided into five separate beach zones: Gazagnaire, the furthest east; Port Canto near the port of the same name; La Croisette where most of the hotels lie; Boulevard de Midi west of the town center; La Bocca in a residential neighborhood furthest west. Each zone is a mixture of public and private beaches although La Croisette has the smallest space devoted to public beaches and the most expensive beach-restaurants.

The water quality is consistently excellent along most of Cannes beaches except those immediately adjacent to the ports which have occasional dips in cleanliness. (source:

Croisette Beaches

La Croisette is chock-a-block with expensive private beach restaurants. The little beach space open to the public is quite crowded in the summer with the exception of the managed municipal beach, Plage Macé. During the Cannes Film Festival these beaches are reserved every night for parties. More.

Private La Croisette Beaches Public La Croisette Beaches
3.14 Plage Macé
Cannes Beach (C Beach) Plage de Casino

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Croisette Beach
Les Dunes
La Plage du Festival
Gray d'Albion  
Long Beach  
La Mandala  
Le Miramar  
Plage 45  
Plage Royale  
Gold Plage  

Port Canto Beaches

Port Canto has a port, of course, and several public and private beaches to the east and west. The private beaches are slightly less expensive than those along La Croisette and there's a great public beach: Plage Zamenhoff. More.

Private Beaches on Port Canto Public Beaches on Port Canto
Bijou Plage Zamenhoff
L'Ecrin Bijou Plage
Plage Soleil Plage du Square Verdun
  Port Palm Beach

Midi Beaches

Boulevard de Midi beaches are more relaxed and less expensive than those along La Croisette and attract a loyal local crowd. The private beaches are clustered at the eastern end and then there's a long stretch of public beach until two private beaches at La Bocca. More.

Private Midi Beaches Public Midi Beaches

Plage du Midi

Belle Plage Plage Laugier
Plage l'Alba Plage de l'Abreuvoir
Cristal Plage  
Okey Beach  
Riviera Beach  

Gazagnaire Beaches

Gazagnaire beaches are named after the boulevard Eugene Gazagnaire that runs along the Pointe Croisette. There are no private beaches here, only a long, narrow stretch of sand that compose the two public beaches of Gazagnaire and Mouré Rouge.

Map of Cannes Beaches

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