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Named for the boulevard du Midi Jean Hibert, this cluster of beaches is on the other side of Cannes' Old Port. It's a busy commercial and residential area and these beaches are popular with locals.

Prices here are slightly cheaper than the Croisette beaches both for renting lounge chairs and for dining. Don't expect culinary experiments on the plate; the crowd here prefers basic French/Italian/Seafood dishes.

As you walk west past the beach-restaurants, you come to a long public stretch of sand with beach showers and little else but a beach volleyball court. There are snack stands every 100m or so where you can pick up sandwiches and drinks.


Parking is extremely difficult in the summer. Free parking along the road is usually full and even the nearest paid parking, Parking Laubeuf at the eastern end of the promenade, can fill up.

Parking Rates

1 hour
2,70 €
2 hours
5,40 €
3 hours
8,00 €
4 hours
10,40 €
5 hours
12,80 €
6 hours
15,10 €
7 hours
17,40 €

Bus Access

The useful bus No. 8 links Quai Laubeuf with central Cannes.


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Plage du Midi

Belle Plage Plage Laugier
Plage l'Alba (formerly Blue Beach) Plage de l'Abreuvoir
Cristal Plage
(formerly Midi Plage)
Okey Beach  
Riviera Beach  

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