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Port Canto beach
Port Canto beach

Named after the small vessel port, Port Canto, on the eastern end of the blvd la Croisette, the private beaches are slightly less expensive than their counterparts on the celebrated La Croisette and there's an excellent "managed" municipal beach, Zamenhoff that offers rock-bottom prices for a lounge chair and umbrella.

Just want to throw down your towel? There's the public portion of Bijou Plage which is the only non-smoking beach in this part of Cannes.


The beaches here are desirable for their ease of access, particularly if you're coming by car. Not only is there paid parking on the street but there's also underground parking, Parc Croisette.

Parking Prices

1 hour
0,00 €
2 hours
2,60 €
3 hours
5,20 €
4 hours
7,00 €
5 hours
8,50 €
6 hours
10,00 €
7 hours
11,20 €

Bus Access

The bus stop is Bijou Plage served by the useful Bus No 8 run by BusAzur.


Private Beaches on Port Canto Public Beaches on Port Canto
Bijou Plage Zamenhoff
L'Ecrin Bijou Plage
Plage Soleil Plage du Square Verdun
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