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Lenval Beach


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Lenval beach



Beach map of central western Nice

In front of Lenval Hospital, Lenval public beach is bordered on the west by Cocoon beach restaurant. Lenval is a no-smoking beach. The rule is in effect 9am to 6pm May to October. (Centenaire is the other non-smoking beach). In June Lenval is also one of two dog-friendly beaches in Nice. The other is Carras, further to the west.

Lenval public beach, Nice

The beach is slightly narrower than other public beaches which makes it harder to escape traffic noise from the Promenade. A narrow ramp next to the stairway access makes the beach more accessible for wheels such as carriages, strollers or luggage.


The nearest hotel is Etap on ave de la Californie at the western end of Lenval beach.

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There's no lifeguard at this beach but you're within walking distance of nearby Magnan beach with lifeguards and a first-aid station.See more about lifeguards.


There's limited hourly parking on the Promenade des Anglais and expensive hourly parking at Lenval Hospital.


At the western end of Lenval beach, there are indoor hot water showers (€1.60) and a WC (€0.60). Convenient!

Access & Map

Lenval beach is right across from Lenval Hospital and at the Lenval/Promenade bus stop where you can catch buses 12 and 32. It lies between tram stops Magnan and Fabron on tram line 2.


Choices for snacking are limited. It's best to bring your own sandwich or dine at nearby Cocoon private beach restaurant.





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