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You can rent canoes, kayaks and rafts, go jet skiing, parasailing or play beach volleyball but not on all beaches and not all the time. From mid-June to mid-September, head to Carras or Ponchettes for beach volleyball. There are three watersports centers:

Beau Rivage beach where you can flyboard, parasail, ascend in a parachute and more with Nikaia Glisse.

Blue Beach where you can parasail, water ski and more with Glisse Evasion

Carras where you can go jet skiing with Jet Evasion.

Although not known as a snorkelling destination, the clean clear waters make it attractive. The best snorkelling is around jetties where fish congregate. The water is calmest and clearest in the morning before 10am which is when you're most likely to see fish. You can rent snorkelling gear at Hi Beach.

Swimming is great of course but if your swimming experience is limited to the pool, take it easy the first few days until you get used to sea swimming. Swimming out to the buoys (300m) is only for experienced swimmers.

But you can become an expert swimmer on your Nice holiday! All the private beaches in Nice have lifeguards who are more than willing to give swimming lessons no matter your level. Prices are about €25 or €30 for a half-hour. You must reserve in advance. See more about water, tides and safety.

Aquagym is another way to enjoy the baie des anges. Again, the lifeguards at the private beaches are in charge of aquagym classes.























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