Plage de la Buse Plage de la Buse
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Plage du Buse

Plage du Buse

Plage du Golfe Bleu



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The setting is stunning on this beach in Roquebrune-Cap Martin where Cap Martin rises to the east and the littoral stretches to the west. Although close to the train station, the beach is far from the road and quiet reigns supreme. The beach is mostly pebbles but with some stretches of gravel and sand. Plus, there's some shade.

Plage du Buse, Roquebrune

One of the best parts of this beach is the delightful Le Cabanon (tel (04 93 28 95 56) beach restaurant which serves up simple but tasty salads, sandwiches and soft drinks in a relaxed, convivial beach cabin.

Other than that, there are no other dining options. This is an "unmanaged" beach which means you must bring your own acoutrements. There are beach showers but no lifeguard.

Access to the beach is slightly cumbersome as it lies at the bottom of a series of stairs. It only takes about five minutes to descend but you'll want to travel light.

To find the beach, turn west after leaving the train station and a sign will point you down to the beach. There is some free parking around the train station that only fills up at the height of summer.

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Hotel Victoria ****

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