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La Garoupe Beach

Plage de la Garoupe

Plage de la Gravette


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Plage de la Garoupe
Plage de la Garoupe, public beach

Plage Keller
Plage Keller


Petite Plage
Petite Plage


The beaches of Cap d'Antibes are aligned on a splendid curve of white sand called Plage de la Garoupe gracing the eastern side of the peninsula. The rest of the peninsula is rocky and heavily indented. Although there are a few spots were determined sunbathers can sprawl out on the rocks and step gingerly into the sea, most people gravitate to La Garoupe. You could even say that sunbathing was born in this sparkling bay. It was here that 1920s power couple Gerald and Sara Murphy introduced their glamorous friends such as F. Scott Fitzgerald to the concept of soaking up the rays.

Back in those days La Garoupe beaches were deserted which is far from the case now. From around Easter onwards, the three private beaches spread tables, lounge chairs and umbrellas within a few metres of the water line. There are a few patches of free public beaches though and you can always get away from the crowd by taking the coastal path that starts in the southeast corner of the beach and winds around the peninsula.

Between La Joliette and Le Rocher restaurants lies a public beach "en regie municipale" which means that lounge chairs and umbrellas are for rent from mid-June through September. A free portion is reserved for those who simple wish to sprawl on their own towel.

La Garoupe faces northeast which provides a gentler sunbathing experience than the south-facing beaches along the rest of the Riviera coast.

No Selfies!

A few years ago, La Garoupe made headlines for enforcing the first "no selfie" zone in France. A spokesperson for the beach told the Daily Mail : 'The Garoupe beaches are among the most glamorous and pristine beaches in all of France and we want people to be able to enjoy our exclusive beach in the moment, not spending the majority of their time bragging to their friends and family back home.'

The "selfie ban" lasted only one season and now selfie takers are more than welcome. Was it all just a publicity stunt?

Hotel Pick

La Garoupe Gardiole
La Garoupe Gardiole

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As for dining, the private beaches listed below have excellent restaurants or you can try one of the two restaurants without private beaches: La Joliette and Le Rocher.


By bus, take line 2 which runs from the Gare Routière to the Garoupe stop.

Parking for the La Garoupe beaches is found at bd André Sella perpendicular to the Plage Keller.


Private Beaches

Private Beaches in La Garoupe
Pavillon Beach
tel: 04 92 90 23 97
Has a pontoon which costs €27 for a lounge chair and parasol. Main courses start at €20.

La Petite Plage
tel:04 93 61 91 73
Has a pontoon which costs €20 for a lounge chair and parasol. Main courses start at €20.

Plage Keller
tel: 04 93 61 28 23
Affiliated with Caesar restaurant. A lounge chair and parasol costs €23 and main courses start at €19.

Plage Joseph
tel: 04 93 61 36 52
A lounge chair and parasol costs €26 and main courses start at €21.


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