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La Baieta Beach Restaurant


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Nice, World Heritage Site

The name la baieta is the word for "the kiss" in Nice's native language, Nissart. This brand-new beach restaurant occupies the former Lido restaurant on Lido beach, 15 Promenade des Anglais at the bottom of rue du Congres. It has a reasonably-priced menu that emphasizes light, fresh salads and toasts. A salad niçoise is €18.50.

La Baieta beach restaurant

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Spending a full day at La Baieta will cost you €25 for a lounge chair and parasol. They also offer a half-day price of €15.


The Congres/Promenade bus stop is at the beach entrance. You'll find buses 12 and 32. The nearest tram stop is Jean Medecin on line 2.

Contact them through their Facebook page: or at 0626 80 89 96.

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