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Castel Beach


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Castel beach
Castel Plage beach


Hotel La Perouse
Hotel La Perouse

Castel Plage beach restaurant
Castel Plage private beach restaurant

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Castel Plage Sample Menu

Castel is a public beach that also contains the private beach-restaurant Castel Plage. It's the beach furthest east on the Quai des Etats Unis, nestled under the Parc du Chateau. The public beach is wide and long but with large, less comfortable stones. Often the water is slightly calmer here as the promontory on the eastern end shields this beach from east winds.

Castel Plage

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Castel beach is right under the luxury four-star Hotel La Perouse.

Hotel La Perouse
Hotel La Pérouse

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Access & Map

Castel is a 10-minute walk from the Albert 1ere-Phocéens bus stop where buses 12 and 32 stop. The closest tram stop is Masséna on tram line 1. See more on buses in Nice.


There's no free parking nearby. The closest car park is the underground garage on the quai des Etats Unis, Parking Sulzer.


Choices are limited if you're not dining at Castel Plage beach restaurant. You can pick up picnic supplies and snacks nearby in Nice's Old Town.


The nearest lifeguard is one beach to the west at Ponchettes.
See more about lifeguards.

Castel Plage Private Beach-Restaurant

Castel Plage is one of the oldest establishments on the baie des anges but the owners have kept pace with the times nicely, with stylish and modern decoration. The beach lounge chairs are padded but do not come with a mattress. Because of its location, this is one of the more expensive beach-restaurants both in the daily rental fees and the prices on the menu. The restaurant is open late in summer but the atmosphere is quiet and romantic. It is the most sedate beach-restaurant in Nice. See more about private beaches and beach-restaurants.

Telephone: 04 93 85 22 66
Address: 8 Quai des Etats Unis
Beach Opening Hours: 9am-7pm
Beach Prices: Lounge chair €20/17 full/half day; umbrella €5; towel €5
Restaurant Style: Spacious and classy with indoor lounge/bar area; smooth music
Restaurant Opening Hours: April-September noon to 10.30pm with snacks only from 4 to 7pm.
Restaurant Prices: Salade Nicoise €19, fish from €26, pasta from €16.


On a bright, sunny day I requested a shady table and was pleased that the waiter gave me the best available. The chill music thummed in the background while I pored over the menu. I finally settled on Salmon carpaccio with spinach. The warm rolls were delightful and helped augment a very light meal. The thinly sliced salmon was good quality and the sauce was a slightly sweet gravlax-style sauce but the six or so spinach leaves turned out to be for decorative purposes only. I was grateful for the rolls to sop up all the sauce. Although tasty, this was really a starter and at €18 I can't say that it was particularly good value for money. Jeanne May 23, 2012


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