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Forum public beach is what I would call a "full service" beach as it has both a private beach-restaurant, Hotel Amour Plage, and plenty of public facilities to make a day at the beach comfortable. Also comfortable is the beach itself at Forum. While not exactly sandy, the galets are smaller than those on other beaches and interspersed with some sand.

Forum beach, public beach in Nice

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Forum beach is in central Nice between Voilier and Neptune beaches and at the foot of avenue Gambetta. As it's easily accessible from northern Nice, Forum is a popular beach and can be crowded on a summer day.


Forum is easily accessible from two first-rate hotels: the four-star AC Hotel is a few blocks to the west and the five-star Negresco is a short walk east.

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With lifeguards and a first-aid station, you can plunge into the waves in total security.See more about lifeguards.


There's very limited hourly parking available on the Promenade. Otherwise, there's the underground parking Palais Massena (04 92 17 54 42) a short walk east at 29 Promenade des Anglais.

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The Gambetta/Promenade bus stop is on the Promenade across from Hotel Amour Plage. You'll find buses 12 and 32. The nearest tram stop is Alsace Lorraine on line 2 about 500m inland.


There's public showers and toilets next to the entrance to Hotel Amour Plage.


Right on the beach, there's Hotel Amour Plage restaurant. Across from Hotel Amour Plage there are two cafe-restaurants: Les Jardins du Capitol and Cocodile. Walk a block east and there's Pinocchio, a cafe that serves ice cream, sandwiches and drinks.


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