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La Vela Beach Restaurant


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La Vela is one of the six new beach restaurants in Nice opened in July 2020. Replacing the former Voilier Plage Beach Restaurant (now closed), La Vela is on Voilier public beach, 58 Promenade des Anglais at the bottom of rue Honore Sauvan. They describe their style as "family chic".

La Vela beach restaurant

The beach is open from 9am to 6pm and the restaurant is open noon to 3.30pm for lunch and 7 to 10pm for dinner. The lounge bar is open from 6 to 11pm. A day at the beach here is more than reasonable; prices are €25/20 for a full/half day from 3pm (€30/25 front row)

For further information, contact 04 93 57 17 95 or see the website.

Access & Map

The closest bus stop is Grosso/CUM/Promenade. You'll find buses 12 and 32. The closest tram stop is CUM on line 2 of the tramway and it's only steps away.

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