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Le Sporting


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Sporting public beach

Sporting is a public beach between Blue Beach and Lido that was the home of Le Sporting, the private beach and restaurant which is now permanently closed. The new beach restaurant is Le Temps d'Un Eté. The public beach is small and centrally located in an area with plenty of hotels so it is likely to be crowded in summer. On the other hand, the pebbles are small here and you can even find patches of sand.

Sporting beach, Nice


Sporting is closest to the classy three-star Hotel Royal and the four-star Hotel West End. A little further east is the classic four-star Westminster Hotel & Spa.

Westminster Hotel & Spa
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Parking is extremely difficult here. There is a paid underground parking at the Palais Mediterranée a few blocks east.


On the public beach, there's a portable WC in the summer.


Cross the Promenade des Anglais and eat at Queenie, the cafe-restaurant. Go one block further inland to ave de la Californie to find snacks and sandwiches.

Access & Map

The closest bus stop is Congres/Promenade a few blocks east at Bocca-Mar beach restaurant. You'll find buses 12 and 32. The closest tram stop is Masséna on line 1.


There's no lifeguard on duty at Sporting beach but there is one at Le Temps d'Un Eté beach restaurant. See more about lifeguards.

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